tronador panificados


We are a family company dedicated to the elaboration and commercialization of bakery, confectionery and pastry products. We specialize in traditional artisan bakery products with a semi-industrial process to get them to the shelves of all types of stores at the most competitive price.

Our VISION is to be recognized as the best local bakery and pastry shop with national and international presence, with the highest standards in quality management, product processes and people.

We will achieve our MISSION, dedicating and committing work and resources to achieve results within the following key areas of action: Professionalization of all our human capital through constant training and their active participation in decision making.

Customer retention and loyalty through continuous improvement in all our management, production, marketing and personalized service processes.

Marked differentiation with our competitors by permanently raising the quality of our products, making innovation our most applied tool and ensuring a solid economic and commercial growth that allows us to transcend the borders of our country.

since 1983

Our Values

Customer first: each process of our management system is designed and developed to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers as our number one priority.

Commitment and Responsibility: these are two foundational values imprinted by Marta and Ricardo, who created the company by applying them in the hard work they did from the very beginning of the commercial and productive life.

Transparency and Truth: we incorporate honest, hard-working people, with human warmth, who always honor the truth and are transparent in their actions to the eyes of anyone.

Punctuality and Presenteeism: these are critical and excluding values in our ideology and are a fundamental part of the responsibility and commitment that people assume when they join our company.

Strict control of productive resources: it is a central part of our corporate culture, the daily savings and extreme care that is committed in the use of raw materials,
supplies and each product we manufacture.

General good humor: we encourage the creation of a relaxed work environment favorable to good humor and relaxation without losing seriousness in the attention to our obligations and critical issues.

Empathy with people: we put ourselves in people’s shoes to have a better understanding of their particular situation, trying to provide support and containment.

Family Values: the company was born in the heart of the Martinez family and maintains this family atmosphere, so each person who joins the company is invited to join it.

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tronador panificados

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Main house

Av. Tronador 2339
B° Parque, Córdoba.

L-S 7:30 a 13:00 y
17:00 a 20:30 hs.

Matienzo branch

Frontera 3496
B° Matienzo, Córdoba.

L-D: 7:30 a 13 hs.
L-S: 17:00 a 21:00 hs.

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